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Justin Bieber on Lil Twist Rap Song, Will Selena Gomez Sing?

Singer Justin Bieber is becoming a rapper, as he'll appear under a persona for a collaborative mixtape with rapper Lil Twist. It won't be Bieber's first project involving credible rappers, but it will be his first attempt at it himself. The question is, will Bieber have girlfriend Selena Gomez sing on a track or two?

It appears the first song and video from Lil Twist and Justin Bieber may be coming soon. The song is called "Wherever You Are" and is supposedly a hot summer jam. Twist says of the song: "It features my little brother Justin Bieber and I believe that the record is going to really do it." Justin Bieber will be rapping under the alter-ego of "Shawty Mane" for the song according to MTV.com.

The Twist and Bieber mixtape has been rumored since at least last November, but so far there's been no official date for the release. Twist is also currently working with rapper Lil Wayne on Weezy's new mixtape to appease fans until Tha Carter IV album officially releases. As of the latest reports on Justin Bieber's upcoming rap venture, there hasn't been any mention of his girlfriend Selena Gomez. She may not have enough street cred yet, or maybe Bieber doesn't want the media attention on his relationship instead of his music.

If Twist and Bieber do some sort of album, adding Selena Gomez to a track would certainly help with buzz over the project. It's not like Bieber needs help, but it may bring even more fans into the mix. If anyone will profit from this mixtape most though, it seems to be the lesser-known rap star, Lil Twist, of Young Money fame. Maybe Bieber and Gomez should just do their own collaborative album instead?

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