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Lovebirds Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber adopt a pet dog together

You might expect young lovers to do something spontaneous, like get matching tattoos or run off to Vegas.
But Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have taken on a more mature approach to things, adopting a pet pooch instead.

Welcome to the family: Selena and Justin adopted Baylor

The term 'mature' should be used loosely, considering they've only been dating for eight months and continually tour the world with no stable home.

The Disney princess was seen carrying the dog around backstage before her concert in London, Ontario in Canada. 

They are believed to have adopted the new addition to the family from an animal rescue centre in Winnipeg last Friday.
Baylor has already been helping to keep his new mother happy, after she fell ill on tour.
Gomez addressed her eight million fans on Twitter, saying: 'After 12 hours of medicine, tea, 1374 cans of soup and throwing up right when I get off stage ending my night with Baylor watching friends is perfect.

'I can't thank you enough London for tonight I'm so sorry I was sick. I love you guys so much.'

Source: MailOnline


Justin Bieber is a bona fide gentleman

What is it about Justin Bieber that makes his fans love him so profoundly? Here's a compilation of some of his best attributes. Once you read it, you'll likely love him even more.

According to Hollywood Life, fans love watching the Biebs dance. He lets completely loose. There are no inhibitions or signs of showmanship--just a guy with his tunes and a great sense of rhythm.

Of course the fact that that same guy can sing should probably have been mentioned in the #1 spot. After all, that's what he's most famous for. His singles, albums, DVDs, music videos and live concerts just make fans love him more and more all the time. Fans are no doubt counting the days until Justin Bieber's new Christmas album, Under the Mistletoe is released on November 1st.

Did you know that Justin Bieber can also act? His fans loved his guest role on CSI, and are likely hoping he soon gets offers for guest appearances on other TV shows as well.

Something that makes Justin's fans--and even parents of many of those fans--love the Biebs so much is the way he treats his girlfriend Selena Gomez. There's none of that's show-offy' kind of tough talk garbage or crude language when Justin takes Selena out on a date. He treats her like a lady and expects everyone else to treat her that way as well. Justin Bieber is a bona fide gentleman.

The list of why Justin's fans love him could go on indefinitely, so the next few Bieber attributes are lumped together. He has a strong sense of family, a deep belief in God, and an overwhelming sense of compassion for those who go without things so many take for granted. He doesn't take his wealth for granted, and he gives to those in need.

Justin Bieber--despite being a celebrity--has remained a decent human being. Yes, he's talented and yes, he goes on hot dates with Selena Gomez--but underneath the pomp and circumstance is a kindhearted person who has the capacity to put others before himself.

Now is it clear to see why his fans love him so?

Source: CelebsGather

Justin Bieber To Release Two More Music Albums Before Moving On To Acting Career

Justin Bieber has finally closed the last chapter of his “My World” tour and is embarking on a new career. He is not stepping away from music altogether, but it will be taking a back seat while he pursues a career in acting. Don’t panic, he will be leaving his fans with two new albums before he tries out his acting chops on the big screen.

Justin reveals he hopes to film his first film sometime next year 2012. His first foray into the world of movies was very successful. His “Never Say Never” movie earned  $98 million. No wonder he wants to cash in on his astronomical celebrity status.

There have been numerous rumors about the kind of role Justin will choose for the big screen. The most likely option for the young star is something in the comedy field. One popular rumor involved Ashton Kutcher as Justin’s co-star in his first film. Justin reveals his team is sorting through the scripts. Justin has his own ideas, “I want to do a comedy with Will Ferrell.” His movie plans are on the back burner for now. The 17-year-old star says, “Hopefully next summer I can start on a movie or something.”

His movie plans are on the back burner for now. His Christmas album will drop on November 1st, and he will be very busy promoting throughout the holidays. He has already been working on the next album as well. The tentatively named “Believe” album will hopefully be released by next summer, but Justin’s manager cautions fans from getting their hopes up. His manager, Scooter Braun, says nothing will be out until Justin has made it “perfect.” 

Justin credits Justin Timberlake for providing the inspiration for his next album. Braun reveals Justin’s active role in the album, “He’s pretty adamant about writing a lot of [the album].”  The Canadian crooner says, “I’m trying to create a new sound that people aren’t really used to hearing.” He likens his maturing sound to Timberlake and says, “like when Justin Timberlake did FutureSex/LoveSounds: It was a new sound … acoustic guitar over hard drums.”

Source: Wakey Wakey News

Justin Bieber & Usher's "The Christmas Song" Teamup

It's one of the most highly anticipated albums of the season, and Justin Bieber has offered up another behind the scenes look at the making of his holiday collection titled "Under the Mistletoe".

The latest video gives a glimpse at the Canadian sensation working his musical magic alongside mentor and good friend Usher - as the duo team up for a track titled "The Christmas Song".

The video comes just ahead of plans for Usher to premiere the second single from Justin's Christmas album during an exclusive interview with “On Air With Ryan Seacrest" set to take place Monday, October 24th at 7 a.m. PST/10 a.m. EST.

Taking to Twitter to encourage his fans to watch the video (see player above), Bieber wrote earlier today (October 23), "LESS THAN 24 HOURS!! It's coming!! watch!"

Watch here.

Source: Celebrtity-Gossip

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez together in Winnipeg, Canada (October 23 - Pictures)

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were seen on the track of the 'Jets' Winnipeg skating together and looking very lovey-dovey. Both wore the shirt of the Canadian team, which was to give joy to the couple after winning the 'Hurricanes' Carolina. It was after the game when Justin and Selena decided to take a few laps on the track.

Justin himself even dared to try to score some goals under the watchful gaze of his girl.

Source: YouTube / KimsSaTV2

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