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Justin Bieber scared the bejeezus out of fans with grill joke

Don’t sound the alarm just yet, Beliebers. Jeweler Ben Baller put the fear of God into Justin Bieber‘s army late last night when he tweeted a picture of himself with The Bieb, while holding a grill in his left hand. No, the fans cried. He wouldn’t dare toy with that million-dollar smile of his, would he? Mercifully, it appears not.

After retweeting one of his devoted’s freakouts, Bieber set the record straight, saying “haha. relax it’s just a joke. no biggie.” The fanbase-wide exhale was audible. “oh thank god!” tweeted xchloejonesx . “justin bieber getting a grill was just a joke! never been so relieved!!!” MarleneLopez agreed: “Thank God The Whole Bieber Getting A Grill Was A Joke.! I Was NOOOO.!! When I Heard About It”
Let that be a listen to you, Justin. Some subject matters are simply too serious to be played around with.

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Taio Cruz Drops New Album Details & Plans for Justin Bieber Collaboration

The pop sensation behind one of the biggest selling digital singles of all time, 'Dynamite', is preparing to unleash his new record for the holidays and provides some details on what fans can expect.

Taio Cruz​ is planning to follow up 2010's 'Rokstarr' and although he doesn't give away too many in depth details, he promises the effort to be "uptempo, fun, energetic" with a single tentatively scheduled to hit airwaves very soon. The upcoming album will also hold many surprise guests, although Cruz won't reveal who.
Cruz did however reveal plans to collaborate with tween mega-star Justin Bieber​ for the young Canadian's upcoming new record. Cruz said that he "hopefully" will work with Bieber when both of their busy schedules are freed up. Bieber is planning to unleash his new album in 2012, plus wrap up his Christmas themed record which hits stores November 1st.
The hit single 'Dynamite' is currently the ninth-biggest selling digital song of all time in the U.S. with 5.3 million downloads sold. Cruz' upcoming follow-up to his 'Rokstarr' album has no official release date, but it's expected to hit stores before Christmas.

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Justin Bieber and Ludacris Trade Twitter Barbs About Charity Basketball Game

Justin Bieber's typically a polite, well-mannered 17-year-old who doesn't swear, but he was talking all sorts of trash on Twitter today. Why? Well, he's going head-to-head against Ludacris for a charity basketball game in Atlanta this weekend and the stakes are high. Plus, it's good press. 

The Bieb tweeted six times in a row today about the Ludaday Weekend Celebrity Basketball Game and each post punked his rapper pal. One tweet read: "@Ludacris u are a good man...but #teambieber is gonna kill u on sunday."
Ludacris wrote back: "In your Dreams! U gon get a spankin on Sunday!!"
The teen star also provided some videoevidence of his intimidating basketball skillz from February's Celebrity All-Star Game. Bieber called the video "a reminder of the last rapper that challenged me on the court." The singer was named MVP of that tournament and even the announcer applauded Biebs for "looking like Steve Nash" when he made a sweet cross-over assist. 
This weekend's complete team rosters haven't been released, but you can expect a slew of big stars will be shooting hoops Sunday. Bieber tweeted that NBA player Kevin Durant is on his team, and added pros Carmelo Anthony, Allen Iverson, and Chris Paul will all be tearing it up on the courts -- and towering over the 5 foot 5 teen.

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Justin Bieber shows off his new iPhone: Selena Gomez can expect a call

Justin Bieber showed off his new red iPhone to the fans on Friday. Replacing his old phone that had hours of social media use and used calling people like his girlfriend Selena Gomez, the fans got a glimpse of the machine he uses to communicate with them online. After only four hours of posting online, the photo was viewed over 250,000 times as fans wanted the first look of the new machine. The fact he was shirtless when he showed off the new phone only added a sexy element to the photograph.

The photo, first posted on Twitter, had the fans wanting to know if they could get his phone number too. While they were joking, no doubt the first person he called after picking up the iPhone was his girlfriend, Selena Gomez.
What is very interesting is that Justin Bieber didn't get a purple face for his iPhone as he has always told his fans that purple was his favorite color. Going so far to order purple carpet at his movie première, the entertainer seemed obsessed with the color Red just doesn't seem to fit the image of the youngster who says Never Say Never.
Typically, if a friend gets an iPhone, it isn't a big deal, but with the Bieber fans, the first look is critical. Plus as we all know, it is the only way Justin Bieber communicates with Selena Gomez as he goes on tour in South America.

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Selena Gomez Sad While Justin Bieber Tours South America With Cobra Starship?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been inseparable all summer, but that's about to change as JB heads off to South America to tour with Cobra Starship. Will Selena be sad? Will Justin be able to handle time away from his only girl?

Starting on October 1, Justin Bieber will be touring in Mexico, which is close enough that Selena could fly in and see her baby. However, from October 5 through October 19, JB and Cobra Starship will be in Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Chile. Will Selena Gomez travel across the globe to see her beau and support his shows?
It's only a few weeks apart really, so it shouldn't be that bad for the couple. Even though when Selena was touring with her band, Justin turned up at most of her concerts no matter what city or state. Will she return the favor and play the supportive girlfriend now?
Even if Selena Gomez doesn't show up, Justin Bieber is sure to have a good time with Cobra Starship. The band said : "We want to do kid stuff with Justin -- go carts, hackey sack, mini golf. We're going be like his dad," adding "Or like the cool older brothers." Sounds like it will be a really fun tour!

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Justin Bieber Asks Sean Kingston to Collab Again — They're Back!

Yes, Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston are hooking up again on a new collaboration. And this time, it's not an "eenie meenie" project; the two are doing it big.
It's great to have friends, especially those in high places with the last name Bieber. That's what the Miami-based "Beautiful Girls" hit maker is probably thinking. C'mon; everything JB touches turns to platinum today.

It's not the season to be jolly yet, but it's the season for hooking up on projects in the studio.
Bieb hooked up with Drake for "Trust Issues," may be recording an album with Nicki Minaj, is making a Christmas album, and joining Taylor Swift on a project. Like Lil Wayne (Lil John at one point), everybody wants a piece of Justin Bieber.
Sean Kingston is no exception; he was asked by the prince of pop to collab again with him and producer J.R. Rotem in an upcoming album project. Nice, right?
The collaboration looks signed and sealed. Justin Bieber took to Twitter to dish on another project (they worked on Kingston's "Eenie Meenie" single last year):
"Had a great studio session with my big bro Sean Kingston and the talented @jonathanrotem. Goodmusic."
SK is still recovering from a near death experience last May when his jet ski crashed into an overpass. Thankfully, he survived and is back to making music. Now, he and his BFF will do what they do best on the upcoming collab.
Is Bieb collabing to death? Now he is joining MTV as the new face of Punk'd. What's next—an album with Selena Gomez?

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Drake Says Justin Bieber's Remix Of 'Trust Issues' Was 'Incredible'

Drake has labelled Justin Bieber's version of his track 'Trust Issues' as "incredible," but wishes that he would have kept the swearing in
Justin leaked his remix of the much-hyped track online, and shocked fans by singing in a lower register than what they are used to hearing. While Drizzy thought his remix was dope, he does admit that he hoped the teen would have kept in the cuss words that lace the original version.

"I wish he would've left all the cuss words in it," he told MTV News. "I feel like that would have been so G, if he would've done all the swearing."
He also admits: "I was excited when I heard he remixed it, because there was like a gang of swearing in that song. I was like, Oh, we're about to hear the transformation of Bieber."
However, a shy Bieber decided to change the original lyrics that talked about alcohol called women "b**ches," to gentler lines.
Nonetheless, Drake gives his approval of the remix, saying: "He's like a talented kid... from Canada, so to hear him even remix that song is crazy. That's incredible."

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Justin Bieber's Christmas Album Will Feature All Original Songs

It's going to be a Bieberlicious Christmas! Don't worry about trying to stay out of the cold this holiday season because this holiday season is going to be filled with Bieber Fever. News has circulated that Justin Bieber will be recording a charity Christmas album this year, and the album will be comprised of original songs. How do we know about this? How you find out about anything important these days...we looked to Twitter. His manager, Scotter Braun, tweeted about the news last night, saying "This christmas album is amazing. might be the best album yet. all originals...soon 2 b classics. every1 i play it 4 is blown away." 

If you're like me, you were initially shocked and then highly intrigued. I didn't know the Biebster had it in him. This is quite the endeavor he's taken upon his teen shoulders. I mean, I honestly can’t think of any major Christmas albums. Various artist and producer tweets indicate that Bieber recently co-wrote and recorded a song with Taylor Swift, and another with Sean Kingston, so if these are set to be in the upcoming Christmas album then it's a safe bet that it won't be a total flop. 
One could say this is an opportunity that could either make or break his ever-growing career, but if I'm being honest I'd say he's going to be just as popular, regardless of album sales. Tweens and adults alike can't get enough of this guy, so a less-than-popular Christmas album attempt isn't going to stop them from going gaga every time he flashes a smile in their direction. Granted, if he succeeded he'd be more respected in the music industry for accomplishing such a feat, but the people are going to love him either way. Bieber Fever is sweeping the nation and there doesn't seem to be any cure. In the meantime, let's think of fun titles for the album. How about -- Jingle Bieber?

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Justin Bieber Tweets Christmas Album Update After Ferrari Accident

Justin Bieber is a teenager with a massive bank account. What teen would not treat himself to a Ferrari if he could afford it. Unfortunately, for the Biebs, he managed to get into a tiny fender bender in the pretty little sports car. At first, it seemed like the teen driver suffered a fender bender due to heavy traffic, but that may not be the case.

A tweet about Justin in his Ferrari has stirred up a bit of outrage. Everlast, formerly of the House of Pain, tweeted, “I just raced @justinbieber down Ventura in his Ferrari I won but a fedex truck got in his way.” Before you get too riled up, police who responded to Justin’s accident have a different story. Yes, he probably did test out his sports car’s ability to kick some butt, but the accident had nothing to do with street racing. Apparently, Justin was in a parking lot and got pinged on the bumper from another driver. No damage was visible to either car according to the police.
Justin has been busy recording his new Christmas album and working on a remix of Drake’s “Trust Issues.” The 17-year-old crooner remixed the song, but cut out all the profanity. Drake says, “I wish he would’ve left all the cuss words in it. I feel like that would’ve been so G, if he would’ve done all the swearing.” Well, Justin appeals to an entirely different audience than Drake does and his tween fans would probably blush if they heard some of the language rappers tend to use. It is refreshing to hear singers can be successful without all the R-rated stuff.
Justin may not mind doing some remixes from fellow artists, but his Christmas album is all “originals” according to the teen singing sensation. Justin’s manager tweeted, “All originals … soon 2 b classics. every1 i play it 4 is blown away. #excited.” The Biebs responded, “@scooterbraun yeah we are going hard for Christmas!! #mistletoe.” Another tweet reveals there may be some collaboration in the works, “Had a great studio session with my big bro @seankingston and the talented @jonathanrotem #GOODMUSIC.”

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Justin Bieber is a certified Nicki Minaj fan

Selena Gomez, who is a huge Nicki Minaj fan, must be rubbing off on boyfriend Justin Bieber, because the young superstar has now declared himself a fan of the female rapper.
Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber present Best Male Hip Hop Act at the 2011 BET Awards in Los Angeles at the Shrine Auditorium on Sunday June 26, 2011.
Shortly after Minaj performed “Where Them Girls At” with David Guetta and Flo Rida on America’s Got Talent Wednesday night, the “Baby” singer took to Twitter to express his admiration for the femcee. He posted, “[Nicki Minaj] is good people. super talented and good people. I’m a fan Much love.” A flattered Minaj responded, “And ur a cute liddle lambchop! :p xoxo.” Nicki calls all of her underage fans lambchops.

Perhaps Bieber caught the Barbie fever from his girlfriend, or his good friend Taylor Swift. Both starlets are super fans of Young Money’s first lady, and videos of them singing her Billboard top 10 hit “Super Bass”can be found on the internet. And just recently after the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, the Harajuku Barbie joined Swift on stage to sing her “Pink Friday” track at the Staples Center.

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Today’s Best Tweets: Justin Bieber Celebrates Madison Square Garden Anniversary

Today on Twitter, Justin Bieber celebrated his one year Madison Square Garden anniversary.

Beliebers sent tweets to their heart-throb, reminding him that on August 31, 2010, the Biebs' dream of performing at the esteemed NYC venue came true, and thankfully for us, and for Bieber, we can all re-live the moment with a copy of the 'Never Say Never' DVD.

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Drake Wishes Justin Bieber Kept 'Trust Issues' Unedited

'That would've been so G, if he would've done all the swearing,' Drake tells MTV News of Bieber's remix.
LOS ANGELES — When Justin Bieber dropped his remix of Drake's "Trust Issues" over the weekend, many wondered whether the 17-year-old pop star would keep the lyrics intact and throw out F-bombs and the track's other profanities. The baby-faced singer most certainly did not, trading Drake's "F--- it, I'm on one" line for "You know I'm on one." 

"I wish he would've left all the cuss words in it. I feel like that would've been so G, if he would've done all the swearing," Drake told MTV News from Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV release party on Sunday. "I was excited when I heard he remixed it, because there was like a gang of swearing in that song. I was like, 'Oh, we're about to hear the transformation of Bieber.' " 
Despite its sweet and serene melody, the lyrics to Drizzy's "Trust Issues" are quite filthy at times. As the YMCMB solider sings about contempt for manipulative woman, he belts out, "You know what I'm sippin'/ I teach you how to mix it/ But you're the only one, 'cause I don't trust these bitches." 
On his version, Bieber doesn't condone drinking nor does he refer to the song's subjects as bitches. Instead, the Biebs tweaks the line and sings, "You just need to listen/ Teach you how to fix it/ 'Cause you're the only one, because I don't trust these women." 
JB, however, did keep Drake's dirty original rap verse on his version of the song. 
All in all, Drake was pretty excited about the remake. "He's like a talented kid ... from Canada, so to hear him even remix that song is crazy," he said. "That's incredible."

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Justin Bieber Unhurt In Minor Car Accident

Singer surrounded by paparazzi after his Ferrari was dinged.
Just two days after taking home a Moonman at the VMAs, Justin Bieber chalked up another young pop star rite of passage: his first paparazzi-witnessed fender bender. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, Bieber was in a minor auto accident on Tuesday in the San Fernando Valley, caused by a Honda Civic that collided with his black Ferrari. "No one was injured and there was no damage to either vehicle," the Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement.   Of course, when LAPD officers rolled up, they were the second ones to arrive on the scene, trailing a horde of photographers who were eagerly snapping away at the 17-year-old singer, who was driving the car. The accident reportedly occurred in an underground parking structure, when the Civic driver attempted to drive around Bieber's luxury ride and its front side clipped the left rear side of the "Baby" singer's car, according to E! Online.
There was an unidentified passenger in the car believed to be Bieber's assistant. No police report was taken, as there was no visible damage to either car. 
The crash came less than 48 hours after Bieber scooped up the Best Male Video award at the VMAs for his "U Smile" video, and surprised viewers by showing up to the big show toting his snake ("Johnson"), not to mention planting a kiss on the cheek of his lady love, VMA pre-show host Selena Gomez.

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Justin Bieber pranks Taylor Swift in Punk'd remake

There were once rumors of Punk’d coming back to MTV, and Justin Bieber taking over for Ashton Kutcher, and it looks as if the rumors are reality.

Production on the show started last week in Los Angeles, and Bieber’s first victim was Taylor Swift.
In the original series, Kutcher and hired actors would prank unsuspecting celebrities, with him bursting in and laughing obnoxiously at the last minute.

The re-vamped Punk’d will take on the same formula, with celebrities playing pranks on other celebrities.
No details on the premiere have been given yet. 

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Justin Bieber Tweets Apology for Forgetting to Thank Fans at VMAs (Video)

Justin Bieber's acceptance speech at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards betrayed a glaring and almost inconceivable omission. After receiving his award for Best Male Video, the Biebs somehow forgot to thank his fans. Yikes. Beliebers all over the world were stunned and mystified by the omission So they did what beliebers usually do in situations concerning their idol. They took to Twitter.

Justin Bieber constantly calls his multimillion-strong fan base his family--which indeed they are. So, they couldn't understand why they were forgotten in his VMA acceptance speech. If they were being punk'd, they were definitely not amused. Still, the tweets that ricocheted through cyberspace after the VMA broadcast weren't angry or accusatory. JB's fans simply wanted to know what happened and why.

"I'm so proud of u for winning an award," wrote BieberDaizing Never say Never (: "but u didnt thank us? :/ #whatwasup

Almost immediately, Justin replied:

@BieberDaizing u r right," he Tweeted. "was kinda shocked 2nite. forgot alot of things in the moment. Thank u!!"

Later, JB Tweeted an additional apology to all his fans:

"Also thank u to my family, my friends, my team, and my FANS!! i got so much more to say now that it is over. haha. blanked out up there"

So, there you have it. It's kind of endearing to realize that Justin Bieber still gets flustered, nervous, and "blanked out" during moments of high emotion just like the rest of us.

You can watch a clip of his VMA acceptance speech below.

Congrats, Justin.

Note to Beliebers: He didn't thank Selena Gomez either.

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Bieber fever sweeping across Chile

As soon as Justin Bieber announced his concert in Chile for October 15, thousands of  Chilean teenage girls went mad. Yes sir, they went crazy to do whatever was possible to get the best ticket. This young idol has sold millions of albums around the world and his fame has reached Chile as well.

Since the Backstreet Boys, no other male artist from North America had had so many fans in this country. The audience was thirsty for a new idol and along came Justin.
But, who was this boy? In Chile, we were used to the Disney Channel and its actor-singer-multifunctional stars, until Justin. It’s always more remarkable for the audience to have an idol who comes completely out of the blue, with a story of effort, poverty and a big dream: to become the best new music pop idol.
And Justin Bieber filled in all the blanks. It doesn’t matter if he’s not tall enough, because just by singing “Baby, baby, oh!”  he can make the teeangers melt like butter. They just love him, and in Chile, thousands of teenage girls love him as well.
The day the tickets went on sale, there was chaos. Hundreds of girls slept over outside the stores. They didn’t care to spend the night in the middle of the street and in the middle of our winter. With the temperature just a little higher than 0°C, these girls waited with money in their hands to get a ticket.
It was shocking for a lot of people to see how lots of girls were crying because they didn’t get the “top VIP ticket” and they had to settle with just the “VIP ticket” or some cheaper one. The reason: allegedly, Justin Bieber picks one girl in every concert to get up on the stage to dedicate a song.
But this madness for an idol is not something unusual. The same people stunned by this crazy Justin Bieber fever seem to forget that there has always been some fever for a music idol; Luis Miguel, Chayanne, Ricky Martin and many others have triggered the same effect on the girls. There have always been fans club full of girls willing to do anything to meet their idols or to be as close to them as they can. They even drag their parents into it because they need the money or the support.
Justin Bieber is going to perform at the Estadio Nacional in Santiago and tickets are almost sold out. Girls are already counting down until October 15 to be with their idol and enjoy his show.
So, this is the time to go mad for Justin Bieber, and as he says: “Never say never,” because any new idol can come along and everyone can get the fever!

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'Babe, I'm working here!' Justin Bieber can't keep his hands off Selena Gomez as she presents at the MTV VMAs

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are clearly done with the cloak and dagger antics from the start of their relationship.
The cute couple are out and proud - maybe a little too much, judging by Bieber's PDA performance while his girlfriend was attempting to co-host a pre-show at the MTV Video Music Awards tonight.
Disney princess Gomez interviewed her boyfriend in the arrivals hall at the awards ceremony.
Cute couple: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez appeared together at the MTV VMAs
And while Selena, 19, tried to act professional, Justin found it hard to keep a straight face - or his hands off his girlfriend.
The U Smile singer planted an unexpected kiss on Selena as she signed off from their interview.
A giggling Miss Gomez was a little taken aback as her 17-year-old beau continued to kiss her and nuzzle her neck in front of the live cameras and had to forcefully remove herself from his clutches.
Professional: Selena interviewed her boyfriend as part of her co-hosting gig for the VMA pre-show for MTV
Excuse me! As Selena signed off, Justin leaned in unexpectedly and planted a kiss on her
Before the surprise PDA, Selena was the picture of professionalism as an amused Justin answered her questions.
She grilled him on his outfit of red trousers, animal-print trainers and his accessory - a pet snake named Johnson.
'You're up for Best Male Video,' Gomez asked her popstar boyfriend. 'I wan to know -  you're up against Eminem and Bruno Mars, do you feel a little nervous at all?'
Stop! Selena dissolved into giggles as the singer refused to stop nuzzling her neck
That's enough: The Disney princess has to forcefully remove herself from her boyfriend's clutches on camera
'You know, I'm just excited to be in the category with such amazing people,' Bieber answered. 'I'm just happy to be here.'
Selena continued: 'Rumoured to be performing is Jay-Z and Kanye [West], and I know you like them both. Are you excited to see them perform?'
'Very excited,' Bieber replied. 'I heard that it was kind of a last minute thing, but I'm really excited.' 
Hands on: Bieber also hugged Selena onstage as he accepted the award for Best Male Video
Bieber also admitted he was looking forward to Beyonce's performance just as much.
Selena let down her guard a little as she prepared to cross back to her co-host Sway, telling Justin: 'Thank you so much. Thank you for hanging out, babe.'
The overly affectionate display didn't appear to annoy Selena too much, as the pair enjoyed another cuddle onstage during the ceremony as Bieber accepted the award for Best Male video.
Star: Gomez arrived early to begin co-hosting duties for the VMA pre-show
Say hello to my little friend: Bieber brought along a pet snake named Johnson

Source: MTV

Justin Bieber Gets a Kiss from Beyoncé at VMAs!

It seems everything's happened tonight at the 2011 MTV VMAs! And it seems that everyone has Bieber fever. Even Beyoncé puckered up to kiss Justin Bieber! The two were on the "black carpet" when the moment happened, sending fans into pandemonium. Justin has previously joked that the only woman to break his heart was the one and only Beyoncé.

The blogger for MTV's live feed from the red carpet wrote, "Sorry for the terrible pic quality. I was shaking PROBABLY BECAUSE BEYONCE JUST BRUSHED PAST ME AND STOPPED TO KISS BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!" What a crazy moment for the fans that must have been. The Biebs also kissed girlfriend Selena Gomez during their interview. As already reported, Selena donned quite the sexy look for her hosting gig. Obviously her boyfriend liked it since he leaned over and surprised her with a kiss.
It's been a big night for both Justin Bieber and Beyoncé. The former announced that she was pregnant with her first child! Congratulations to expecting parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z!

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Justin Bieber Thanks God For Best Male At VMAs

Biebs takes home Moonman for 'U Smile' video.
Eminem showed no fear last year at the MTV Video Music Awards, nabbing Best Male Video for "Not Afraid" over Drake, Usher and B.o.B. But in 2011, fearless, lie-loving Eminem was no match for the feverish smile of Justin Bieber. 

The Biebs took home the win for "U Smile," winning out over Em's "Love the Way You Lie," Cee Lo Green's "F--- You," Bruno Mars' "Grenade" and Kanye West's "All of the Lights." 
After presenter Kim Kardashian announced his name, Bieber popped up, snagged a smooch with girlfriend Selena Gomez, and headed up onstage, where he delivered a heartfelt message about the role of a higher power in his ascendance to the top of the young pop crop. 
"I just want to say thank you so much, not only to God but to Jesus," Bieber said. "Because I wouldn't be here without Him. He's really blessed me. He's put me in this position. So I want to say thank you so much." 
The win marked two Moonmen in two years for Bieber, who nabbed Best New Artist for "Baby" at the 2010 VMAs (besting Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj and Jason Derülo) and who is quickly making certain his name and music are deeply engrained in the MTV award show. Last year, of course, Bieber opened the VMAs with a medley outside in Nokia Plaza. This time around, he skipped a performance but still found himself at the center of the action inside the theater. 
"Also, I want to say thank you to all the other nominees," Bieber said. "They were amazing. I'm a true fan of all of them, so I want to share this award with all them. You guys are amazing."

Source: MTV

Justin Bieber wins Best Male Video for U Smile

In Every year, the MTV Video Music Awards can be the craziest night in music with the events as unpredictable as the fashion.  In 2010, Lady Gaga took home a slew of moonmen and wore her famous meat dress.  This year, it was Beyonce who made headlines when she walked the carpet sporting a baby bump.  Watching the VMAs live, we were standing by to bring you all of the 2011 VMA action!

Twitter was buzzing with pre-show VMA tweets, including #whatwillgagawear, Wiz [Khalifa] and Amber [Rose], Beyonce and Demi Lovato trending. 
First to show up was the cast of the Jersey Shore.  Snooki played it safe with her dress selection while Deena rocked an over-the-top rainbow dress. 
Cobra Starship gave a spot on performance of “You Make Me Feel” with hot up-and-comer, Sabi.  Justin Bieber sported glasses and red pants when he was interviewed by his girlfriend and pre-show host Selena Gomez.  Of course, he planted a kiss on her cheek, making the Beliebers of the world jealous.  Selena looked star struck when she spoke to Britney Spears, who wore basic black.
Katy Perry, who had 10 nominations, had pink hair and seemed to be picking up some of Russell Brand's British accent.
In an obvious move to rekindle Kim K and Biebs controversy, newlywed Kim Kardashian gave the award for Best Male Video to Justin Bieber for "U Smile."  
Kim could barely walk in her tight dress, but was glowing in her post-wedding bliss.  Joe Jonas won the award for weirdest haircut when he introduced Chris Brown's energetic performance, which was easily the best of the night.

Source: 95.5 WPLJ

Justin Bieber Plants Kiss On Selena Gomez On VMA Pre-Show

Black carpet co-host Gomez was interviewing boyfriend Justin on Sunday
Although MTV News' Sway Calloway has enough interview experience to get the goods from the biggest and brightest stars, our special VMA Pre-Show co-host Selena Gomez proved to be just as skilled as our season pro when her interview subject was boyfriend Justin Bieber.
Justin Bieber plants a kiss on Selena Gomez on the 2011 VMA black carpet

"I'm here with the one-and-only Justin Bieber," Gomez said when she introduced the singer with a smile. "Who are you wearing? Can you please talk about that?" 
"I have my snake," Bieber said, displaying a live pet reptile in his hand. "I have red pants and cheetah shoes." 
"What's your snake's name?" Gomez expertly followed up. 
"My snake's name is Johnson," Bieber responded. 
"You're up for Best Male Video," Gomez continued. "I wanna know — you're up against Eminem and Bruno Mars — do you feel a little nervous at all?" 
"You know, I'm just excited to be in the category with such amazing people," Bieber said of his fellow nominees. "I'm just happy to be here." 
"Rumored to be performing is Jay-Z and Kanye [West], and I know you like them both," Gomez continued, adding a bit of her Bieber expertise to the conversation. "Are you excited to see them perform?" 
"Very excited," Bieber said. "I heard that it was kind of a last minute thing, but I'm really excited." 
Gomez, again relying upon her insider Bieber knowledge, prodded Bieber further, asking if he was more excited for Jay-Z and Kanye West, or another of his favorites, Beyoncé. 
"I'm excited to see Beyoncé too," Bieber said with a grin. 
"Good," Gomez said, clearly pleased with their work. "Thank you so much. Thank you for hanging out, babe," she said to Bieber, as the "Baby" singer leaned in to plant a sweet kiss on Gomez's cheek. 
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Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean Tells Justin Bieber: This Is How You Make Your Career Last!

A.J. says to the Biebs: Stay true to yourself and your fans!

A.J. McLean and the Backstreet Boys have had a long, successful career and A.J. tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively how fellow pop star Justin Bieber can have the same longevity!
“Don’t listen to the record companies, don’t listen to anything else or whatever the media says, good bad or different, stay true to yourself, stay true to your music and listen to your fans!” A.J. tells us at CARRERA presents Perez Hilton’s One Night In Los Angeles at the Wiltern Theater on Aug. 27.
That sounds like good advice to us! And since Justin is so great with his fans, we’re sure he’ll listen!

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Justin Bieber remixes Drake’s “Trust Issues”

This just came out of nowhere. Pop wonderkid Justin Bieber took to his twitter moments ago to deliver his take on fellow Canadian superstar Drake’s “Trust Issues“. This version sees the young singer covering Drake’s singing verses blended with Drizzy’s original rap verse. Listen below.

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Five Justin Bieber Facts Even Beliebers May Not Know (Video)

Justin Bieber is a 24/7 obsession for his mostly tween girl beliebers--and even for some adults, like Evan Rachel Wood and more recently, Kathy Griffin. But are there some JB facts that even his die-hard fans don't know? Reportedly, yes. In a recent interview with TMZ which you can watch below, the Biebs came clean with some personal information as well as revelations about his upcoming musical endeavors.
Brace yourselves, beliebers. JB admitted that, as of the day of the interview, he had not shaved for a couple of days. Yes, he's decided to experiment with growing a mustache--again. He's tried before and always caved and shaved after a week or less. That may have been the influence of Selena Gomez, who's rumored to be less than fond of upper lip hair unless it's long-term. Oddly, Justin makes no mention of Selena, but quips instead: "I think the stache is going to grow on my audience." Ouch.
Incredible as this second fact may seem to beliebers, not everyone loves Justin Bieber. The Teen Dream actually has some rabid "anti-fans." One of them was arrested in Australia for breaking into a JB concert venue, climbing up above the stage and trying to pelt the Biebs with eggs. Luckily, he missed, and the show went on. "In Australia, some kid thought it would be cool to throw an egg at me," was how the Baby singer described the incident.
Every true belieber can relate to the third fact. Justin Bieber "is sometimes too popular for his own good." During his sold out My World Tour the Never Say Never star found himself literally trapped in his room when thousands of fans surrounded his Liverpool hotel. "I wanted to go out on an off day," recalls Justin, "and they were like, 'You can't leave the hotel.' The police were going to arrest me." Ah, the price of fame.
Beliebers will salivate--er--be extremely pleased to learn that their idol is recording a Christmas album which will be released at the end of the month. All JB would say about the new opus is that "...it's going to have some classics and...some originals."
Beliebers will either find the final fact shocking or they'll absolutely love the idea. At the tender age of 17, Justin Bieber is already contemplating his future as a family man. And he admitted than when he does settle down, he wants to bring up his kids in Canada. "I'm going to get like a condo [in L.A.]," he explained, "but eventually, I'm probably going to want to move back to Canada and raise my family out there. I'm Canadian, I want my kids to be Canadian, eh." Wonder how Selena Gomez feels about that. Canada is a beautiful country, but the winters there are really cold.
So, there you have them--5 facts you probably didn't know about JB. Or did you?

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Justin Bieber Tweets for Help Choosing Title for Christmas Album

Justin Bieber has been in the studio this week recording tracks for an upcoming Christmas album, the proceeds of which will be donated to charity. Justin sent out a tweet just yesterday announcing his Christmas plans that said: "So it's true...been in the studio doing something special for christmas. we are going to try and raise alot of money this year for charity!"

Now, Justin is reaching out to his fans—he needs help choosing just the right title for his holiday album. Justin tweeted: "trying to figure out the name of this christmas album. it is special. we are going to raise alot for charity with it. what is a good name?"
Already, Justin Bieber has received responses from his adoring fans. Ideas of title names from fans include Together for Christmas, The Gift of Love, Hope for the Holidays, and A Christmas of Love. The best one, and most creative so far, though, has got to be from @tepni (Stephanie McCartney) who thinks the album should be named Santa's coming Just(in) time!
Do you think Justin Bieber should choose any of these? Or should he wait until he hears a few more ideas?

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Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber wrote a song together?

Taylor Swift caused a frenzy this week when she had Justin Bieber join her on-stage at her concert and now the pop stars are collaborating on music together, according to their producer friend Kuk Harrell.

"Wow!! Got to see @justinbieber & @taylorswift13 write a song together last night!! SMASH!!!! SMASH!!! SMASH!!! Let's do it again Yall!!!" Harrell wrote on Twitter on Saturday, which Bieber re-Tweeted.
On Friday evening, Bieber cryptically wrote, "#writing."
Thaddis "Kuk" Harrell is a songwriter and vocal producer who has worked with Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige and Rihanna. He has won five Grammy Awards for his involvement in Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)," Mary J. Blige's "Growing Pains" and Rihanna's "Umbrella," which he co-wrote.
On August 23, Justin Bieber surprised Swift's fans by jumping on-stage to sing his hit, "Baby" with Swift, during her concert at Los Angeles' Staples Center.
"You think you've heard LOUD screaming in your life... Then @justinbieber comes out and does a surprise song during your show. Whoah. Unreal," Swift wrote on Twitter, following the performance.
Bieber returned the favor, posting a video (watch below) from their duet with the caption, "@Taylorswift13 has been there from day 1. true friend. #goodtimes."
The 21-year-old Grammy-winning country and pop singer has wowed audiences this summer with her romance-themed U.S. concerts that include stunning costumes, ballet dancers, pyrotechnics, high-wire aerialists and a wedding scene.
In July of this year, Swift's "Speak Now" tour, aimed at promoting the album, sold more tickets via vendor TicketsNow than any other music artist, bumping McCartney, 69, to second place.
The singer recently released the single, "Sparks Fly," which is the fifth single from "Speak Now," Swift's third studio album. The record has sold more than 3 million copies in the United States since its October 2010 release.
The singer recently added 10 Australia and New Zealand shows to her "Speak Now" world tour. The singer's U.S. tour dates are largely sold-old through late November.

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Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush to Hit Stores - Two Songs

Well, it is never too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts—especially if it is something Justin Bieber related, as his stuff tends to sell out almost as soon as it hits the shelves. A few days ago, Justin announced that he is putting out a new Christmas album and will donate the proceeds to charity. The album is bound to be on every girl's Christmas list! Right now, Justin is even looking for fans to help him come up with a name for the Christmas album. Check out some of the ideas here. There is something else, though, that would make a great gift—especially as a stocking stuffer: Bieber's new Singing Toothbrush!

The Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush by Brush Buddies is really cool. Each brush plays two Justin Bieber songs—one for brushing teeth in the morning and another for brushing at night.
What makes it a cool idea, actually, is that usually kids (and a lot of adults, too) don't brush for a long enough period of time. One should brush their teeth for a duration of three minutes—well, pop songs are about 2 and a half to 3 and a half minutes in length, so it is the perfect incentive to keep kids brushing!

Guess what? You can even enter to win your very own Justin Bieber toothbrush! Just follow this link for instructions on how to enter. The giveaway ends at 9 AM ET on Friday, September 2nd.

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Is Justin Bieber Going To Duet With Chris Brown At The VMAs?

Chris is slated to take the stage at the huge event — and we’re sure his BFF and frequent duet partner Justin will want to join in on the action!

Here are the facts: we know Chris Brown is set to give a showstopping performance at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. We know Justin Bieber will be there as a nominee and Selena Gomez‘s date. And we certainly know Justin has a history of crashing concerts. That said, we’re willing to bet Justin will surprise fans by jumping onstage and singing with Chris!
Chris, 22, and Justin, 17, have worked on several projects together, such as the official song “Next 2 You” and the mixtape rap cut “Ladies Love Me.” All we know is if these two hit the stage together, they’ll be breaking hearts left and right!
What do you think, HollywoodLifers — will Justin crash the stage yet again at the VMAs?
The MTV VMAs air at 9 p.m. ET on Aug. 28. Don’t miss out on our VMA party on Facebook – RSVP to attend for a chance to win prizes, make new friends & chat directly with the HollywoodLife staff at the show!

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