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Justin Bieber Feeds Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber doesn't just sing to Selena Gomez, he feeds her too. No one is suggesting that he literally ferries food from her plate to her mouth with his own hands. Although, from time to time, he might do that as well--especially if the two are enjoying a really intimate candlelit dinner. No, JB has decided to take control of Selena's diet to make sure she eats healthfully.

According to sources, Justin Bieber's sideline as his girlfriend's dietician started after she was hospitalized last month for exhaustion and high blood pressure as a result of malnutrition. Selena admitted later that she loves junk food, and apparently, she was living on little else. Justin was so "flat-out freaked" by what could have become a serious health crisis, that he immediately hired a real nutritionist to create a healthy diet for her. Justin not only instructed the expert to custom tailor a diet for Selena, he also insisted that "three balanced meals" should be delivered to her every day--presumably forever. Is Justin Bieber a modern Sir Galahad or what?

Oddly enough, Selena didn't think so. Although she swore that she could control her own eating habits with her mother's help, Justin wasn't having any, and he actually "put his foot down." Or as the inside source put it:

"Justin told Selena it's his personal gift, to show how much he cares."

Ain't love grand?

Source: CelebsGather

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