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Justin Bieber - Justin Bieber Officially Graduates High School

Justin Bieber is an official high school graduate.

The 18 year old earned his diploma from St. Michael Catholic Secondary School in his native Stratford, Ontario among the Class of 2012, which was announced at the school's commencement last week (28Jun12).

The pop star did not attend the graduating celebration, which appears to be his last link to education as he has no plans to attend university.

During a recent appearance on America's The Late Show With David Letterman, he told the host, "I can't say I'm never gonna, like, go to college but at this point I'm not, like, planning on it."

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OMG Alert: Justin Bieber's Money Pants

Are those dollar bills in your sweatpants? Or are you just happy to see me?

Tween dream Justin Bieber was spotted leaving a Subway restaurant in Calabasas, Calif., yesterday wearing sweatpants embellished with below-the-knee pockets that appear to be bursting with — wait for it — money... as in multiple dollar bills.

The singer has a knack for bragging about his money — the lyrics to his latest single "Boyfriend" exclaim, "I got money in my hands that I'd really like to blow" — but this blatant rich-person exhibitionism is something else.

We have lots of questions about Bieber's get-up — first and foremost of which is: Would you ever wear money-kneed sweats?

Also: Do you think the money is real and that J-Biebs is just super disorganized? Or is this some fashion designer's idea of, um, design? Either way, what are your thoughts?

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Justin Bieber bucks the trend

JUSTIN Bieber flashes the cash as he pops out for a humble sarnie.

The 18-year-old millionaire looked like he was tempting fate as he strolled out of the Subway store in LA with wads of cash spilling out of his trackie bottoms.

In fact, the dollars were only printed on the pocket linings.

The fashion statement could still prove risky in some parts of LA – unless you are being shadowed by a bodyguard on your lunch trip.

The teen star wore the novelty tracksuit bottoms with a striped T-shirt and hightops as he celebrated Canada Day – the national holiday of his homeland – with the tasty takeaway.

He tried to keep a low profile by hiding under his Chicago Bulls baseball cap as fans took snaps.
But if the money trousers didn’t draw their attention, they could hardly miss the car he climbed into.

The Boyfriend singer drove off in the pimped-up, chrome-finished Karma Fisker bought by his manager Scooter Braun and pal Usher for his 18th.

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Justin Bieber: 'I'm A Big Butt Guy, I'm Attracted To Butts, Especially Nicki Minaj's'

When did Justin Bieber turn into such a bad boy? One minute he was recording an adorable Christmas album with lovely reindeer jumpers and the next minute he is acting all old and grown up, as he reveals he is a “butt guy” and particularly likes Nicki Minaj's booty.

The 'Boyfriend' star made the revelation in a recent interview and the Biebs didn't hold back about just what catches his eye when it comes to the ladies.

"I think I'm a butt guy. I just like butts. I'm attracted to them," he said told Q magazine.

“Do I have any favourites? Nicki Minaj has got a nice one."

We are not surprised that Justin, who is currently dating Selena Gomez is a fan of the butt as he also declared his love for Beyonce who he claimed was “sexy” and is “in love with everything about her.”

Justin has always been a fan of the big-bootied ladies and famously asked Kim Kardashian out when he was just 15.

Now he is 18 the singer reckons it's ok to talk about more racy things, like butts, but when it comes to his fans he prefers the younger ones to stay inncoent confessing until they turn 13 he doesn't want them talking about his penis.

"I don't really agree with 12-year-olds talking about those inappropriate things," he said referring to the nickname 'Jerry' that his fans have given his manhood.

"I just think the younger people are, the closer the parents should watch out over the kids. But once they turn 13, it's easier because they're going to learn that stuff anyway."

We are guessing he is talking about sex education? Is this when Daddy Bieber had the birds and the bees talk with young Justin?

While we are really pleased that Justin shared his taste in women with us, we can't help but notice girlfriend Selena doesn't exaclty have much junk in her trunk.

Watch out Sel, Biebs may try to fatten you up!

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Justin Bieber Fans Disappointed With Ireland, Scotland & Wales Tour Snub

Justin Bieber's Scottish, Irish and Welsh fans are upset that the teen superstar's tour of the UK will only call in England.

The Believe jaunt, announced today, will visit London, Nottingham, Birmingham, Sheffield, Liverpool and Manchester.

The snub comes after Scottish fans signed a petition in 2011 when his previous tour had a similar schedule.
Disappointed fans claimed that it should not be called a UK tour if England is the only destination.

One wrote: "He's never done a concert here before, he missed us on his my world tour, @justinbieber please come to Scotland!

"omg justin bieber isn't coming to scotland AGAIN...excuse me while i go and curl up and die :'(," wrote another, while another Belieber said simply: "Justin Bieber clearly does not like Scotland."

The tour will take place next year.

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Justin Bieber chills out with his Ice Ice Baby

MEGA-rich pop hunk Justin Bieber has a lot of lolly on a romantic trip to the park with his sweetheart.

Cool customers ... Justin Bieber enjoys SpongeBob ice lolly on stroll with Selena Gomez

The 18-year-old Canadian pin-up had a SpongeBob SquarePants treat while girlfriend Selena Gomez, 19, had a Captain America popsicle.

And they were licking good like any other loved-up couple as they strolled around Lake Balboa in California.

Popsicle stars ... Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez grab a cold treat

Source: The Sun
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