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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Seated Together at VMAs

It's official now. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will be seated together on Sunday evening at MTV's Video Music Awards. Fans of the handsome couple will likely watch the show just to catch a glimpse of the two sweethearts together.
According to a report from Hollywood Life, word of this Sunday's seating chart broke earlier in the day on Friday and it's a fact that Selena and Justin are definitely seated next to one another.

Above you see the part of the seating chart sporting Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's pictures. Of course they'll each look way better than they do in these photos. They'll undoubtedly be dressed to the nines and looking positively radiant in some of the latest fashion trends. Selena usually opts for something sparkly and feminine while Justin opts for a laid back look with dressed up elements. It's always fun to see what they decide to wear.
Justin Bieber has been nominated for a Video Music Award, and Selena Gomez is serving as one of the many presenters. Wouldn't it be fun for fans to see Selena present Justin with his award if he wins?
Sources speculate that since Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are known for displaying a lot of PDA, and have done so at previous awards shows, it's likely that fans will get a hearty dose at the MTV VMAs as well.
Will you be watching the MTV Video Music Awards? Are you hoping to catch a glimpse of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez while they're sitting together? The cameras will undoubtedly be focused on them frequently, so there's no doubt that fans will be able to get their fill.

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Selena Gomez: Why ‘I’m In Love’ With Justin Bieber!

Selena admits she has the best boyfriend around — see why!
Selena Gomez was once shy to talk about her relationship with boyfriend Justin Bieber, but now she’s revealing more than ever about the parts of him she loves the most!
Selena, 19, says the key traits that make her care for Justin, 17, are his sense of humor and confidence, M magazine reports.
‘You know when you’re in love when you love an imperfect person, perfectly,” she says. “Everybody is different. Everyone has their quirks, but that’s what makes them beautiful. Confidence in a person is stunning. You notice it and I think it’s great. Confidence is what it’s all about. I’m one of those people, where if I’m in love, I go for it. It’s nice to have someone at my side who understands me. Justin just comes out with so many funny things and let’s say he has many good points!”
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Twitter index: Justin Bieber Christmas album

Justin Bieber is in the process of recording a special Christmas album and is asking his Twitter fans to help him come up with a name for the project.

He tweeted, “so it's true...been in the studio doing something special for christmas. we are going to try and raise alot of money this year for charity!” ? “trying to figure out the name of this christmas album. it is special. we are going to raise alot for charity with it. what is a good name?” 

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Justin Bieber fans celebrate idol with Newcastle parade

Justin Bieber fans from north-east England joined together to celebrate their idol with a parade in Newcastle.
Organised on Facebook, 'Beliebers' got together to show their appreciation for the 17-year-old Canadian singer on Thursday.
The 'Beliebers' sang Justin Bieber song Baby

Even though the singer has had just one top-10 hit in the UK, Bieber Fever seems to be alive and well in England.
He has inspired music fans and singers alike of all ages in the North East.
Gathering on Tyneside, the fans paraded around Newcastle singing Justin Bieber songs, waving their flags and wearing Justin's favourite colour purple.
They are hoping to be noticed by the teenage superstar on his Twitter page.
The Facebook group attracted more than 450 fans to show their support.
The parade was organised by fans on Facebook

Previous gatherings by fans in Chile and Denmark were noticed by the singer on social networking site Twitter and the North East Beliebers are now hoping to follow in their footsteps.
Dedicated fans, who even knew the exact minute the multi-award-winning singer was born, are keeping their hopes up that mentions of their parade will be retweeted.
"I'll cry," said three fans when asked how they would react if Justin Bieber retweeted them.
An early showing of eight people at 14:00 BST swelled very quickly to more than 50, with the promise of more on the way.
Fleur, 12, from Sunderland was one of the organisers of the parade.
"We're supporting our idol... we're hoping to get noticed by him."
Fleur is not alone when she describes what she likes about the popstar.
She said: "His smile, his eyes, his hair, his voice."
Nick, from Newcastle, wants to be a singer and has already supported fellow Geordie Joe McElderry at Newcastle City Hall.
He said: "Justin's around the same age, an inspiration, and came from nothing to stardom overnight.
"I sing as well and you aspire to be like someone so successful."

Source: BBC

TMZ: Bieber talks future

Justin Bieber talking to TMZ, when it comes to raising his future children ... the Biebs tells TMZ, only Canada will cut it.

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Justin Bieber Defends Will Smith and Jada Pinkett

Justin Bieber is defending Will Smith and Jada Pinkett's marriage. In the midst of the media maelström, the teen sensation has come forward to say his piece about the situation. While he didn't go in-depth, his tweet reassured many people that Will and Jada are doing just fine.

"Will and Jada are one of the best couples ever. #FACT #real (sic)," Bieber tweeted. The thing with situations like this is that people on the "outside" don't know what is really going on "inside" the marriage. Rumors have been flying that Will caught Jada in bed with Marc Anthony—would Justin Bieber know about that? Of course not.
It's great that so many people have stuck up for Will and Jada, but the rumors have yet to stop. It definitely makes you wonder what's really going on and if these two are just putting on a show for the cameras. Naturally no one wants their union to end, but you just never know what is going to happen in Hollywood.

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Justin Bieber's Mom Likes Selena Gomez

By now, the entire world knows that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are happy and in love. The two have been on a teen whirlwind romance that hasn't been seen since Justin and Britney took the teen world by storm a decade ago. But what do their parents think of the duo gallivanting all over the country. After all, they are only teenagers.
Justin and his mom

Now, Justin Bieber's mom is speaking out about her boy's girlfriend and their friend Taylor Swift. Pattie Mallette tweeted fans saying "@taylorswift13 & @selenagomez r amazing role models. Thk u both4 caring about a generation enough 2 speak life in2 them! #GodBlessYou richly." Strong words from a strong role model. Mallette certainly did a good job raising Justin Bieber and helping him stay so grounded as he rose to fame so she must have a great sense of character. It must be nice for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to have the approval of his mother. After all, mom's always play a large role in one's life. And as for Taylor Swift? Bieber, Gomez and Swift are all good friends--with the couple recently heading out to catch Taylor in concert in LA. Where was a shout out to Demi Lovato though? Lovato is probably best known for being a role model; maybe Bieber's mom was trying to say that Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift should get thanks also?
Do you think Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will go the distance with their relationship?

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Justin Bieber: `I want to raise my kids in Canada`

Justin Bieber has revealed that he wants to raise his kids in his homeland of Canada.
The 17-year-old heartthrob might be traveling the world at the moment, but he said that when the time comes to settle down, he will be doing it in his native country.

“I think it would be cool to get a condo out here,” he told TMZ about living in America. “But eventually I’m probably going to want to move back to Canada. Yeah, and raise my family up there. I’m Canadian and I feel like I want my kids to be Canadian.”
The Baby singer also revealed how he enjoyed a recent trip to Liverpool in the UK because he got a taste of what life was like for the city’s greatest export.
“It was great, I felt kind of like The Beatles, they went through pandemonium and it was cool to be in Liverpool and experience that,” he said.

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Justin Bieber wrapping up Christmas album

Justin Bieber has now pretty much guaranteed that there will be some new music coming up later this year — though it is going to be a bit different than what we would consider some of his traditional music.

In an interview on TMZ Live Wednesday, Justin explained that he is in the process of finishing up a Christmas album this month, and he will then begin work on an all-new studio album to release at some point next year.

If this holiday album follows the tradition of some past discs of a similar style, we will likely see it released at some point in late October or early November. 

As for why he is recording this music, there’s a simple answer — everyone loves holiday music, and it is the sort of work that can help him to appeal to an even wider audience than his music already does.

Based on this news, what sort of Christmas carols would you want to hear Bieber sing?

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From Concerts to Weddings, Justin Bieber Is The Ultimate Party Crasher (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber sure knows how to make an entrance, even when the venue isn't exactly his to make said entrance in. 

The Biebs must have learned a thing or two from Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn's 2005 flick, "Wedding Crashers" because in the past few months he has certainly been doing his fair share of crashing. 

From concerts to weddings to press conferences, Bieber is the master of taking the stage like he owns it -- as he should, he's had a lot of practice. 

Check out these videos of Beiber's best spotlight stealing moments.

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WIN Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never Movie!

Canadian superstar Justin Bieber‘s movie Never Say Never was released onto DVD and Blu-Ray this week, giving fans a chance to watch all of his tour footage and performances at home! The DVD features tons of new clips and extras that weren’t seen in the theater version, so be sure to check it out!

Interested? We are giving away TWO copies of Justin’s DVD. To enter, leave a comment here with a valid e-mail address and we will be drawing winners on Saturday August 27 at random.

Earlier this week, EPIX hosted a free screening of the movie for fans in NY, and they will continue to host free movie screenings for the rest of the summer! Be sure to check out their site here to check out upcoming movies!

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Justin Bieber Surprises Everyone At Taylor Swift’s Concert — Sings ‘Baby’!

During the first night on her ‘Speak Now’ tour in Los Angeles, Taylor Swift was joined by one of her dear friends, Justin Bieber! Are YOU surprised?

Taylor Swift was doing just fine on her own Aug. 23 in Los Angeles, but the sold out crowd at Staples Center was thrilled when she announced a special guest: Justin Bieber! Thousands of happy girls screamed as the 17-year-old Canadian rock star took the stage to sing his hit, “Baby.” 
Taylor, 21, was elegant as always when introducing her friend Justin (who previously opened for her at previous shows) and the audience went nuts. Although she let Justin, 17, sing most of the song, Taylor didn’t hesitate to throw in her own harmonies and background with his hit song.
Just as quickly as he appeared, Justin went away after his song and the audience quickly reverted back to Taylor Mode. The talented songstress continued with her show as if nothing happened!
Do YOU think Justin and Taylor should collaborate? Sound off below!

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Justin Bieber's NSN Necklace and DVD 'Fan Cut' in Stores

Finally, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Director's Fan Cut and NSN necklace is on sale today at Target stores. The long-awaited movie of the year is out and has some cool extras to boot.

Buckle your seatbelt because here comes a trifecta of good news in the Belieber nation and beyond, if one calls it good news at all:
First of all, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez -- don't wager your bank roll on it -- didn't break up , says Gather writer Effie Orfanides. That rumor, for the moment is dead.
Second, Sel Go attacked fans of Bieber when she covered Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass." That's standing up for your man, girl.
And finally, the DVD you've been waiting for so long is in stores, y'all, with new features.
But get this -- it even has new songs and behind the scenes footage from the pop star hanging out with BFF Sean Kingston (don't miss the Segue footage). It even includes a commemorative NSN necklace.
The two-DVD boxed set is about 27 minutes longer than the original 3D biopic that debuted in theaters back in February of this year.
The popularity of that release was so great in terms of revenue, it surpassed Michael Jackson's This is it concert film.
A Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Fan Cut was a logical thing to do given the success of the project.
So if you're a fan of the biggest pop star in the game now, once you score your copy (it'll set you back $29.95) you get a chance to see what he does behind the scenes at his sound check parties and what touring on the road is like, according to OK Magazine. Not bad -- not bad at all.
Okay, here's another spoiler for the Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Fan Cut:
JB does the Dougie! Ole boy can dance, and that's no joke. Perhaps it helps hanging out with Sean Kingston and Lil Wayne. Sorry Selena Gomez rumor mill starters.
Can't wait to get your copy? Check out a clip of the DVD here:

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Justin Bieber's fame takes a hit on college campuses

While Justin Bieber has more fans than most celebrities, there are people out there that actually disdain the teen pop star, and the reasons behind this are really no mystery.
Bieber might be the object of affection for the majority of teen girls, but there is a large group of the male teen population that hate even the mention of the teen pop star’s name. So what does the average "Justin Bieber hater" look like?
According to Kansan.com, the males on the college campuses across the nation have nothing but disdain for the teen crooner. Is it because he is rich and famous? Probably not, many college kids have celebrity idols who are both rich and famous, with many of their idols coming from the music business. 
One of the theories about the origin of Bieber haters is that he has been made the pop icon of his generation by the girls only. The fame of this pop star has been totally driven by the female population of this age group with the males basically having no say. The rebellion against Bieber might have something to do with this, which would be more about what he stands for than the person himself, according to Kansas.com.
Justin Bieber is not the first teen celebrity to be hated by male teens in history, another kid named Justin felt the same wrath from his male peer group over a decade ago. When Justin Timberlake was the favorite of teen girls, the teen boys felt the same about him that they do about Bieber today, but why? Both these Justin’s are clean-cut, don’t get in trouble and are actually good role models. 
Bieber doesn’t need to be the tough testosterone driven male teen that boys seem to aspire to as role models. He is confident enough to wear just about anything that strikes his interest from pink boots to pink sweaters. It is not hurting his image with the ladies because while doing this, he has one of the hottest girlfriends on the face of the earth, so it works for him.
The college aged male population tends to make their music idols out of musicians that are offering a more masculine type of music, such as rap or heavy metal. Bieber is very different than what the teenage boys want to relate to. 
Teen girls have gravitated towards celebrities like Bieber in the past. David Cassidy, was the baby boomer version of Bieber and Timberlake is a later version of Cassidy, with many other Bieber types in between that have won over the hearts of teenage girls. 
These heart-throbs have something in common, which is their looks and mannerisms. They all tend to have a touch of feminine qualities about them. Whether it be the way they wear their hair, or the softness in their voice, they are not the epitome of masculinity, which is what many teen boys are striving for at this time in their life. This is a time that they are defining who they are to the rest of the world and Justin doesn’t fit into the image they are going for.
With the girls going ga-ga over Bieber, there is also a bit of jealousy entering into this hate they are feeling for the teen heart-throb. While hate is such a strong word, and these kids are considered “haters” today, hopefully when they get a bit more mature, the word “dislike” will replace “hate” especially when referring to another human being.


Justin Bieber's VMA-Nominated 'U Smile': Frame By Frame

'We took a more mature approach in the video, focusing on him as an artist,' director Colin Tilley says of clip, which is up for Best Male Video.
In the Colin Tilley-directed "U Smile" video, Justin Bieber meets some girls on the street and becomes smitten with one of them. He then takes her to hang out with him at a big concert hall, where he makes her swoon by playing the piano for her. 
The sugary-sweet clip is up for Best Male Video at the 2011 Video Music Awards, and Tilley, who also worked with Bieber on "Never Let You Go," spoke to MTV News about the behind-the-scenes of making the video just days before the VMAs go live Sunday. 
The video opens with Bieber meeting some fans outside a theater, and the Flip cam footage they used for audio ended up making the final cut. "During this scene, we were only outside for 15 minutes, but literally paparazzi were everywhere," Tilley recalled. "It was pretty difficult, but I'm happy with the finished product. This whole intro scene was actually done very fast, because we didn't have much time before the sun set, so we really just had to go full-throttle." 

While paparazzi and nature proved to be obstacles, a third was making sure that Tilley cast the perfect leading lady. "The girl's gotta be really great ... she was really nice and she did a great job," he said. "Justin and her clicked really well." 
The video is actually pretty simple, with the focus of it being on "our classic piano in this beautiful theater, lots of great lighting. This is pretty much focused on Justin's performance. 
"This song, in general, when I first heard it, I kind of got the feel that it was a more mature feel for Justin," Tilley continued. "So we took a more mature approach in the video, focusing on him as an artist and as a kid growing up. ... For me, this was kind of the place he goes every night to practice, so he was willing to take this girl he saw on the street and take her into his world." 
For Tilley, the standout shots are of Bieber hanging out in an alleyway, calling to mind the images in Michael Jackson videos. "This is probably my favorite setup in the video," he said. "In this alleyway, it had a whole Michael Jackson feel. It was pretty iconic for Justin at the time." 
As it turns out, the video was shot right after the 2010 VMAs, when Bieber took home his first-ever Moonman. "The night before, he had won an award and he just came to set with a great attitude; he was super positive," Tilley said. "I hadn't worked with Justin for probably a year. He's so much fun to work with. He's got a really cool attitude on set." 
The 28th annual MTV Video Music Awards will air live Sunday, August 28, from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles at 9 p.m. ET/PT, following the Selena Gomez-hosted pre-show at 8. See the list of nominees, revisit last year's highlights and vote for Best New Artist by visiting VMA.MTV.com.

Source: MTV

Justin Bieber Earns High Praise From Golden Globe Nominated Actress

Evan Rachel Wood discusses her intense admiration for the pop star, and her secret rock-star dreams. 
Evan Rachel Wood has a case of Bieber fever and she's not afraid to show it.  

Last month the actress, who'll appear in George Clooney's political thriller The Ides of March alongside Ryan Gosling this October, released a video of herself singing Bieber's "U Smile" at a karaoke joint in China. 
"I ... love Justin Bieber unashamedly," the actress told New York Magazine. "That is a fact; everyone knows it. So, the whole catalogue was basically in the karaoke machine, so I started singing "U Smile" and my friend started filming it. We didn't really have a plan to put it online; it just kind of happened." 
The actress also displayed the full extent of her fandom in front of March director Clooney while on set. 
"[Clooney] was around for when I first saw Never Say Never and I got super into it," the Golden Globe nominee revealed. "I was a changed person. And I was dancing and singing, and then I noticed that the set was really quiet, and then I looked, and the camera was rolling and George is standing there. And he just said, 'Enjoy the DVD!' and he walked away. So that was terrifying."
She even says her soulful singing could one day become more than just a hobby. 
"I've sung my whole life. But it's been the main thing that I did just for me, that I didn't share with anybody. But more and more, I think I'm just open to it now. I've made my own music, and the way I've always described it is Peggy Lee with an electric guitar, or Billie Holiday with some PJ Harvey in there."
Look out Bieber, Wood may go from number-one fan to the competition.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Fans clamoring for Bieber cutout at local store

Teen superstar Justin Bieber is not for sale — not even for $100.
That's the amount offered by several people for the life-sized cutout of the singing idol that's stationed near the cash registers at the local Goody's Department Store.

The staff has to keep him in a spot where they can easily check to make sure he's still present. A number of giggling girls have threatened to kidnap him.
Others have begged for the Justin image, asking if they can have it once the promotion ends for his "Someday" perfume for females.
Proceeds from the perfume's sale go to charity. Justin says he grew up below the poverty line in his native Canada and wants to help others.
Peggy Samples, a Goody's supervisor here, said gals of all ages -- including grandmothers -- have tried to buy the cutout, and plenty of them have had their photo made with it.
There's not a day that goes by, she said, that someone doesn't make an offer to purchase Justin. They're out of luck, however, as the cutout will be used at least until next spring.
A number of customers have noted that the image is so lifelike, they feel they're being watched as they shop.
Peggy can understand that. After closing hours, she said, it can be a little bit eerie...

Source: The Gleaner

Watch Justin Bieber Show Off His Segway Skills In This Never Before Seen Clip!

For one of the world’s richest teenagers, there’s only one toy on which Justin Bieber’s willing to be caught playing!
What’s Justin Bieber‘s favorite way to get around? On a segway of course! In a sneak peak clip of the new Director’s Fan Cut of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, you can see Justin play around on the world’s hottest set of two wheels!
Justin and his entourage are known to travel in style, so it’s no surprise that the pop sensation and his posse love to zip around on segways! We think it’s hilarious and looks likes a very entertaining way to kill some time on tour! Many more never-before-seen clips like this will be featured on the extended version of Never Say Never that hits Targets across the country on Tuesday Aug. 23.  It’s a must have buy for all the true Beliebers, especially because it comes with a limited edition Never Say Never necklace!
Tell us what YOU think! Will you buy the extended version of Justin’s hit film Never Say Never?

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Bieber Fever! 8 Celebrity families who love Justin Bieber from Johnny Depp to Mike Tyson

Bieber Fever!
Last week Johnny Depp was reunited with his family after being away for work, and he brought presents. What did he get his daughter Lily-Rose? A great big Justin Bieber poster for her wall. Cute!
Like many a music loving mom or dad, Johnny Depp has become a fan along with his kids. So what other celebrity kids and parents have been hit with Bieber Fever!

Here are eight families who got bit by the Bieber bug and see what Johnny Depp had to say about his love for the Biebs.
Johnny Depp
“I’m riddled with Bieber Fever,” he once joked. He added that, “My daughter is a big Justin Bieber fan, and she turned myself and my woman Vanessa [Paradis] and our boy Jack on to Justin Bieber… He’s a sweet kid.”
Dave Grohl
"My daughter Harper, who is not even two, can sing that 'Baby' song," he told the Daily Star. "So whatever that dude did to brainwash the world with that crazy, music sh-t he does, God bless him, ya know."
Britney Spears
Britney has shared her Bieber love on Twitter!
Mike Tyson
He sent a video message to Justin saying, “I took my daughter to see it [Never Say Never], She’s madly crazy about you, man. I just wish you the best of luck. It’s a very inspirational movie. I wish people could go and see the politic effect it has on everyone. I wish you the best of luck in life, my friend. Take care.” 
Tiffani Thiessen
At an event recently Tiffani wore a Justin Bieber T-shirt, after Justin wore a T-shirt with her on it!
Will Ferrell
"I'm still trying to grow my hair out like him," Ferrell once said in an interview. "It's tough because I have really curly hair so I'm trying to flat-iron it and get that hairdo."
Anthony Kiedis
He said about Never Say Never, “I cried twice during that film and I want the world to know that!”
David Beckaham
“When we [first] got told it was a boy, my middle son Romeo, he was like, ‘How about Justin Bieber as a name?’ Justin Bieber Beckham," Beckham told OK! Magazine. "So now that we know it’s a girl, he’s like, ‘Well, how about Justine?

Source: Babble

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Share A PDA

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez looked so cute holding hands as they went shopping at Liberty Place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania yesterday.

The couple grabbed refreshments from Smoothie King in the shopping mall and stopped to give hugs to fans, Hollywoodlife.com reports. They didn’t even have bodyguards with them!
Justin flew in this week to join Selena who is in the city for work, which includes promoting her Dream Out Loud apparel collection at KMart and performing at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts as part of her tour.

The singer has a big job coming up at the end of the month, as it’s just been announced that Selena will host live from the black carpet at the MTV VMAs.
Selena tweeted: “Woohoo! MTV VMAs on Aug 28. I am so excited to be hosting the preshow!!!”

Justin will no doubt have headed to the West Coast after his stop in Philly with Selena, as he’s expected to be one of the guests at Kim Kardashian’s Santa Barbara wedding today.
Source: Entertainmentwise

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Enjoy A Date At The Amusement Park — They’re So In Love!

The day after Justin skipped Kim Kardashian’s wedding to go to Selena’s concert, the duo hang around Pennsylvania — how romantic!
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez seem to be tied at the hip, and this lovey-dovey duo had a casual day out on August 21 — hitting up an amusement park in Pennsylvania and riding the roller coaster together!

Justin, 17, and Selena, 19, were spotted enjoying the rides at Hershey Park in Hershey the day after Selena’s big New Jersey concert — which caused Justin to miss Kim Kardashian‘s wedding.

Source: Hollywood Life

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Play Basketball in Jersey

Watch out New Jersey - you're about to be invaded by the craze that is Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez! The teen power duo have left Philadelphia and are now in New Jersey for the next stop on Gomez' We Own The Night tour.

Selena Gomez performed at the PNC Bank Arts Center in New Jersey last night - the show which caused she and boyfriend Bieber to miss the big Kim Kardashian wedding. Just Jared reports that "after finishing up her meet and greets, Selena headed over to a basketball court across from the area and joined boyfriend Justin Bieber in a little two-on-two."
Seems as though even scares like the one at the mall in Philly can't stop these two love birds from just being normal teenagers. It's very refreshing to see huge stars like these just being kids. Maybe that's why these two have such a large fan base. They really seem to resonate with the teens out there. No nightclubs for these kids - just good old mall dates and pickup basketball games.
Justin Bieber is making a second career out of following Gomez on this tour. Even when he's pretended to be heading elsewhere, he's actually on his way to her side. Do you think Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are going to last?

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Justin Bieber is with Selena Gomez Not Kim Kardashian tonight

Justin Bieber is at Selena Gomez's concert right now! The teen sensation was expected to attend Kim Kardashian's wedding this evening, but it seems like he chose to go to his girlfriend's show instead!

Many people were sure that Justin would be going to Kim's wedding (as the two are good friends), but it was clear that he would be attending stag since Gomez had a prior committment on her We Own the Night tour. What fun is a wedding when you can't bring your significant other to dance with?
"Justin, 17, was at the show on the other side of the country as guests arrived to Kim's nuptials," Hollywood Life reported exclusively. Some people believe that Justin and Selena will hop on a private jet and get to Montecito in time to catch some of the reception, but that seems a bit crazy, doesn't it? You have to figure that Gomez will be playing until 11PM, and by the time the duo got back to California (on a 6 hour+ flight), it would be way too late.
Surely Justin sent a nice gift.

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Justin Bieber Isn’t Ditching Selena Gomez For Kim Kardashian — He’s At Her Concert Right Now!

Justin disses Kim by skipping her wedding — he’s so committed to Selena!
Justin Bieber got an invite to Kim Kardashian‘s wedding, but he skipped it in order to make an appearance at Selena Gomez‘s Aug. 20 concert in New Jersey.

Justin, 17, was at the show — sponsored by Selena’s Kmart clothing line Dream Out Loud — on the other side of the country as guests arrived to Kim’s nuptials.
What do you think, HollywoodLifers — was Justin right to support his girl or should he have been a guest at the ceremony?

Source: Hollywood Life

Selena Gomez Rocks Philly; Justin Bieber Visits - Video -

Selena Gomez look beyond sexy, almost without trying, as she rocked out at the Mann Center in Philadelphia, while Justin Bieber dropped in for some PDA in the city where their relationship, or at least the rumors about it, began.
Justin flew in and joined Selena, who was also promoting her Dream Out Loud apparel collection at KMart.
Last December, the two were spotted clinging to each other while dining out in the city of brotherly love.
Gossip Web site TMZ tracked down the pair at an International House of Pancakes on Wednesday (Dec. 8). It was the first time they appeared to be more than friends.
She was back in Philadelphia Aug. 19 to perform at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts as part of her tour.
Selena will be heading back to Los Angeles next weekend to host live from the black carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards.
Justin will also be on hand at the VMA’s and he’s expected to be one of the guests at Kim Kardashian’s Santa Barbara wedding.
It will be interesting to see if Selena attends with him.

Source: The Improper

Selena Gomez Not Attending Kim Kardashian's Wedding with Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is flying solo tonight at Kim Kardashian's wedding! His girlfriend Selena Gomez will be performing in New Jersey tonight instead of attending the big event in Montecito, California. Tomorrow she performs in Philadelphia.
The reality star apparently had to tell guests they could not bring a plus-one because of space restrictions, so, if Gomez didn't get an invite of her own, we doubt she'd be there anyway. There's an estimated 500 people going to the wedding already and there just wasn't room for any additional guests -- or part of Bruce Jenner's extended family, apparently.

The Bieb will maybe hang with her pal Demi Lovato instead, who's definitely going. Lovato turns 19 today, and imagine she'll be palling around with the other big stars at the wedding.

Source: Zimbio

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