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Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never

Pop star Justin Bieber’s 3D documentary Never Say Never should satisfy any die-hard Bieber fan and even those doubters.“He is a regular kid who had a dream and it, like, came true,” says one teenage female fan outside a Justin Bieber concert. That is what director Jon M. Chu strives to show: a young kid from a broken but loving and stable -- home in a tiny town in Canada discovered through internet.

Priceless and adorable, this is what will keep his fans coming back for repeat viewings. For the non-believers, it shows that the boy is talented and willing to work hard for his success. 

The home videos are also inter-cut with the people in Bieber’s life, past and present - his mother, grandparents, schoolteacher, best friends and others who knew him in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario. We also meet everybody on Team Justin - the vocal teacher, the manager, the bodyguard, all of whom come off as sincere and protective of their young prodigy. 

The concert footage -- featuring plenty of guest stars such as Usher, Ludacris, Boys II Men and Miley Cyrus, are ostensibly there to add star power, but only reinforce that it is Bieber -- and only Bieber -- that the fans want. 
Never is that more prevalent then during the “Lonely Girl” portion of the film where during his concerts, a female fan is pulled on stage to be serenaded by Bieber himself as he sings the ballad, “One Less Lonely Girl.” The attention Bieber showers the ‘chosen one’ and the girls’ overwhelming response to being picked is the film’s biggest ‘feel-good’ moment. Although the whole stage act is designed to make one lucky girl’s day -- if not year -- Chu makes it an emotional and moving experience that is practically tear inducing.

Source: The Citizen

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