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Selena Gomez Sad While Justin Bieber Tours South America With Cobra Starship?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been inseparable all summer, but that's about to change as JB heads off to South America to tour with Cobra Starship. Will Selena be sad? Will Justin be able to handle time away from his only girl?

Starting on October 1, Justin Bieber will be touring in Mexico, which is close enough that Selena could fly in and see her baby. However, from October 5 through October 19, JB and Cobra Starship will be in Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Chile. Will Selena Gomez travel across the globe to see her beau and support his shows?
It's only a few weeks apart really, so it shouldn't be that bad for the couple. Even though when Selena was touring with her band, Justin turned up at most of her concerts no matter what city or state. Will she return the favor and play the supportive girlfriend now?
Even if Selena Gomez doesn't show up, Justin Bieber is sure to have a good time with Cobra Starship. The band said : "We want to do kid stuff with Justin -- go carts, hackey sack, mini golf. We're going be like his dad," adding "Or like the cool older brothers." Sounds like it will be a really fun tour!

Source: Celebs.Gather

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