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Justin Bieber in Gym, Getting Buffed Up, Pumping Iron

Justin Bieber is pumping iron. Selena Gomez's beau wants to get ripped, and he has a personal trainer and nutritionist to help him pack on the muscles.

Look out Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz, and Ryan Reynolds; the Biebs is on a mission to get buffed and add another title to his résumé—the Belieber hunkster.
He's just a kid with a wiry frame. But he seems to be moving away from the skinny jeans and puny look, according to sources.
Despite his pledge to take off for a month to just relax and do some soul-searching, he's been the talk of the town.
He's constantly fending off the Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez breakup rumors surrounding an alleged ex-gal pal text message.
He's been the center of "coning" pranks, was pulled over by police in Miami while visiting his boy, Sean Kingston, and surprises Selena Gomez on stage every chance he gets.
The latest buzz is about his shopping spree at the Armani exchange in LA sans his Who Says lover.
At the same venue, he sported a controversial F**k You and F**k Her Too t-shirt. It just doesn't stop for JB.
Perhaps Bieber's decision to hit the gym and bulk up is a rite of passage. Maybe he realizes chicks (including Selena Gomez) dig a man with abs, a chest of steel, and rock-hard biceps.
He's definitely lacking in all three categories—so perhaps he better down the protein shakes and do some extra reps.
Had it not been for the recent unveiling of the actor to play Superman in 2013, it would have been an easy sell to think Justin Bieber was buffing up for the part. Just saying.

Source: CelebsGather

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